My tips for healthy, gorgeous hair!

I’m all about making your hair healthy, strong and gorgeous, while still giving yourself that all important time to just chill and be you. Here are my favourite tips to keep you and your hair feeling lush.


Try not to wash your hair everyday. Our scalp loves naturals oils.. even every second day is better for colour and for our scalp health. Less time washing hair, is more time for you!

Use good products!! Sulphate, paraban free. Vegan! If you can use a product that is free of nasty chemicals AND hasn’t harmed any animals in the process, why wouldn’t you! In the salon we use the amazing Mr Smith hair products.Maria blazer

Use a treatment all year around. Australian weather (and Adelaide summers!) can be harsh so your hair will thank you. Any reason to take some time for yourself – whack on a treatment, sit back and relax.

Regular trims. Even if your trying to grow your locks.. it keeps the ends neat& prevents split ends.

And lastly, embrace your own hair. Give it a break from heat styling, blow drying, straightening… just work with what you’ve got. Learn to love your own style. It gives your hair a break, plus it’s unique to you! And once again, more time for YOU.

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